Birdy Bird- ceramic bird interactive

Self-balancing ceramic bird

Introducing Birdy Bird.

Your little touch makes Birdy Bird have a unique dance every time.

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Making a lively ceramic companion

Modeling a lovely ceramic bird is one thing, making it lively is another.

That's what I've aimed for to achieve while designing the Birdy Bird.

Yes, the look of it might be cute but we need more tactile interactivity to achieve liveliness.

birdy bird on piano, ceramic design

Here's one animation depicting the feel.

After so many calculations and special placement of the bottom part of the Birdy Bird, finally it has a unique dance every time it senses a force.

ceramic cardinal bird outdoor

Package design

Our lively Birdy Bird needs a lovely nest while travelling. That's why it needed to be more than just a secure packaging but also making the first introduction to the box opener in a delicate way.

Custom designed box with natural inner stuffing it's both secure and great to look at.

ceramic cardinal bird packaging

Every side of the package is depicting a continuous dance movement of the Birdy Bird.

ceramic bird package design
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