Hand Crafted Pinhole Cameras

You don't take a photo, you make it. Hand crafted pinholes with complete development kit is one of the best ways to making timeless photographs.

Passion for photo processing and camera making

When I was in London while studying on graphic design, I needed a darkroom for printing my photos. Darkroom rental places were so few and prices was too high. So I decided to make my own camera without a need for an enlarger to have decent size photos.

From the first photo, I knew that it is the beginning of an endless journey to make cameras for better photography experiences.

All you need is in this kit

After making cameras that shoot great, I wanted to make printing process easier and fun to make. So instead of just making cameras, every camera comes with perfect fit photo papers, developer and fixers and even a safe light bulb ready to plug and work.

From making the wooden camera to building custom fit ocb carrying case with name engraving on top. Embracing carrying with you and being able to develop your photos almost anywhere you are.

* Bathrooms work as a great temporary darkroom with your kit, water supply and some privacy.

Rather than shooting with film and needing an enlarger to print bigger size photos, cameras can hold the actual photo paper and development process become super easier & portable.

It is one of the best ways to "make" a photograph.

screen printed design screen printed tshirt designs

Why not have an app for that?

After several workshops I realised first timers are not so great with exposure guessing. When people over or under expose on their first trials it's not the best way to experience beauty of making photos. So I came up with light meter app specifically made for our wooden camera's values. Onur built the iOS app and we're live since '14.

From safe light function to, taking positives of your negative prints there are many more helpful features to make process even easier to adapt.

Get the Pinhole Store iOS App

Hope you loved them too!

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