Wooden Sound Systems

Hand crafted wooden sound systems for all kinds of smartphones.

Hand Crafted with Love

Every layer precisely measured, birch plywood sanded super smooth and painting with vibrant orange. It's such a pleasure making a functional and durable piece of art which takes a lot of part in a daily life. Sound systems I design & build varies in size and color. Each one is unique due to 46 different steps applied by hand.

Durable, powerful and useful sound system

Layers of birch plywood with incrementally growing holes amplifying the sound waves coming out from your phone.

Water proof, no need for battery and fits perfectly to your phone.

screen printed design screen printed tshirt designs

With wood carved design options

As every sound system is hand crafted one by one there is always room for extra customisation. From branded designs to writing names there are many ways to make your sound system even more distinguishable.

Hope you loved them too!

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