Custom Designed & Screen Printed Tshirts

I love screen printing! From building my own screens to making squeegees, mixing colors to hand pulling every design is a pure joy.

Another great way to embrace your values on a daily basis.

From corporate values to internal jokes, everything can be designed and printed to last long.

If a picture is worth 1000 words,
imagine a designed quote, printed on a shirt and wore in everyday life.

From design to print all the steps are made with joy.

With screen printing it's super fun to print tshirts live. Using natural paints on 100% cotton having smooth and long lasting results.

screen printed design screen printed tshirt designs
screen printed design screen printed tshirt designs

From design to print

Making every step to create a long lasting and memorable t-shirts helps a lot to make one of a kind piece every time.
From first sketch to hand pulling on shirts every step is made with love.

Internal meetings and festivals getting more memorable by custom designed t-shirts.

Once the design is created and screen is exposed it can be printed on many different surfaces with unlimited color combinations.

From tote bags to hand made notebooks, t-shirts to towels and pillows the options are endless.

Best part is every print is unique due to hand pulled screen printing process.

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