Erbil Sivaslıoğlu

Bitti Gitti design studio

Founder of the creative studio Bitti Gitti.

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Book sharing community

Co-Founder of the book sharing platform Book Serf. 

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Birdy Bird- ceramic bird interactive

Self-balancing ceramic Birdy Bird

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book for store owners

Book for Store owners: the Art of Boutique Success

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ifvestments stock calculator

IFvestments, what if investment calculator

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goal keeper vr game

Goalie VR: casual goal keeping game for Quest 2

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Making of

the Wooden Sound System


wooden pinhole cameras

Hand crafted pinhole cameras with all the equipment needed for printing your photos.

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wooden smartphone amplifier

Just put your phone in and enjoy the music wherever you are.

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custom designed and screen printed tshirts

Custom designs for corporations and live screen printing events.

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data visualization design

Data to wisdom visualized.

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mobile app design

Designing and launching mobile apps since the first iPhone.

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street art design

Another great way to bring joy to everyday life

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functional design artist

Pleasure of making fuses with joyful design.

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custom creative workshops

Love sharing what I learn through experiences.

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erbil sivaslioglu

In the end it's all about you!

The whole reason for making this site is to hear from you ;)

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